Sameena Zehra: Homicidal Pacifist (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Sameena Zehra: Homicidal Pacifist

Committed analyst of inequity and harsh critic of her own plumber

Hats off to Sameena Zehra for uttering one of the most rarely spoken words in modern comedy: the ‘nincompoop’ comeback must start here. Though her real campaign seems to be a cull of the human race, starting with those who really don’t deserve to be on this planet, ranging from the Kardashians to her own husband who continually catches her in the middle of a fantasy in which he is suffering his ultimate demise. But yet she declares herself as peace-loving. So, what is a Homicidal Pacifist to do?

An accomplished comic with a delivery like an express train which has just discovered it’s running a few minutes behind schedule, Zehra rips through material in which she calls time on the hypocrisy of politicians (especially those war criminals who came out against the slayings at the Charlie Hebdo office) while happily dismissing Obama as a ‘mendacious buffoon’ and wondering how we would deal with Saudi Arabia if the oil was ever to run out..

At heart, Zehra is a committed social commentator who has plenty to say to those who insist that PC has ‘gone mad’. Her belief in the collective power of communities is strengthened by specific events in northern Germany and Mumbai, and she has an excellent line comparing Tony Blair’s role as a Middle East peace envoy to her sadly ineffectual plumber.

The Stand 4, 558 7272, until 30 Aug, 1.20pm, £8 (£7).

Sameena Zehra: Homicidal Pacifist

  • 3 stars

Sameena Zehra 'The political heart of (Bill Hicks) … brave, funny, fiery and true' (Herald). 'Outstanding … unabashed and unashamed’ ★★★★ ( The internationally acclaimed show from a pacifist (what?) with a culling list, is back. Combining the weight of political opinions with her particular brand of…