Scott Bennett: About a Roy (Stories About Me Dad) (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

Scott Bennett: About a Roy (Stories About Me Dad)

A no-nonsense clubby hour with very few insights

There are some comics who feel so out of place at the Fringe that you wonder who advised them that it would be a fine old idea to head to Edinburgh for a month. Watching Scott Bennett, you can tell that he has all the qualities needed to be a terrific compere, but an hour of Fringe-standard stand-up requires a bit more welly than this.

Billed as a story about his no-nonsense northern father Roy, Bennett may have hatched a brand-new sub-genre of his own: the ‘alive dad’ show. Except Roy’s absence in the set is marked for lengthy periods in which his boy makes staggeringly unoriginal observations: isn’t it weird what they’re doing with restaurant plates these days? There are some gags about IKEA, outdated puns about jeans / genes and an actual routine on how horrible it is changing back into your clothes after a swim.

When one audience member informs Bennett which part of the country he hails from, the comic actually fires back with a suggestion that his town might only recently have been in receipt of working electricity. Insisting that Roy was in the audience ‘yesterday’ and left, loudly pronouncing, ‘not for me!’, Bennett finally says something that rings true.

Just the Tonic at The Mash House, 226 0000, until 30 Aug, 4.20pm, £5–£6 (£4–£5; family ticket £14–£18; or Pay What You Want).

Scott Bennett: About a Roy (Stories About Me Dad)

  • 2 stars

Scott Bennett Award-winning comedian Scott Bennett – 'Naturally hilarious' ★★★★ (, ‘observational comedy with everyman appeal’ (Steve Bennett, – presents his eagerly awaited debut show. Roy, his father, is the ultimate Yorkshireman. In a show packed with hilarious jokes and stories, you'll…