Glenn Wool: Creator, I Am But A Pawn (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Glenn Wool: Creator, I Am But A Pawn

A playful and masterly display of cunning stand-up

Glenn Wool is battling against the little voice in his head. Thankfully, this inner presence is unlikely to turn him into a serial killer, instead it will hopefully just keep him making the wrong decisions in life so he can continue to produce shows like this. The initial instance he quotes is his ill-fated appearance at the Kerrang! awards bash to hand out a prize. In the wake of the Ian Watkins’ paedophile case, Wool’s voice kept telling him to go ahead with the joke he had concocted for the event, assuming (very wrongly) that such a crowd might be able to handle a bit of satirical banter.

The Canadian is on much safer ground with his Assembly audience which is firmly on his side through further tales of low-level woe featuring flatulence at a Hiroshima memorial site or an inability to follow his sat-nav on a bike ride through Amsterdam. The moment when he sends an email with one tiny but devastating typo to his entire family is a highlight while his ability to toy with a crowd is apparent when he delivers a joke which is undeniably fraught with racist undercurrents.

Taking both the joke and our reaction to task, he walks us back a mere few minutes to a statement far more sweeping in its racial stereotyping which his virtually exclusive white liberal arts crowd barely flickered at. It’s this shrewd mastery of the material and his watchers that continues to make Glenn Wool such a draw.

Assembly George Square Studios, 623 3030, until 30 Aug, 9.20pm, £10–£12.50 (£9–£11.50).

Glenn Wool: Creator, I am but a Pawn

  • 4 stars

Canadian stand-up Glenn Wool presents his most recent material about his escapades around the world.