George Egg: Anarchist Cook (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

George Egg: Anarchist Cook

Whipping up a culinary if not comedic storm with ‘divergent thinking’

As far as a comedy USP goes at this year’s Fringe, ‘anarchist cook’ George Egg has it in the bag (but never boil-in-the-bag). Putting something of a spin on room service, whenever Egg stays in a hotel he uses whatever comes to hand in order to whip up a culinary storm. As long as he has the right ingredients, he’ll use irons, a trouser press and the humble kettle to create delicious dishes out of seemingly nowhere (he also has a rather neat tip on how to borrow the establishment’s finest cutlery and crockery). Extra ambience is added with this show taking place in one of the Gilded Balloon’s stickier, kitchen-like spaces.

As is often the way, when someone in the comedy section has a significant number one skill (such as mindreading, juggling or playing the harp / trombone / bagpipes etc.), the comedy often takes second place. And here, Egg is perfectly amiable company with a hint of the mad-eyed blokiness of Bill Bailey but with fewer gags and more ethos-based terms such as ‘divergent thinking’ and ‘urban foraging’.

Also, somewhat distressing for spelling pedants everywhere, the otherwise lovingly crafted menu projected behind him has the final course as ‘desert’. Still, when food smells and tastes as good as this, who gives a stuff about getting words right?

Gilded Balloon, 622 6552, until 31 Aug, 2.45pm, £8.50–£9.50 (£7–£8).

George Egg: Anarchist Cook

Possibly the actual definition of anarchic: George Egg creates full-blown meals from only stuff available in hotel rooms.