Fin Taylor: Stink (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Fin Taylor: Stink

A natural wit steering away from a format that makes much sense

It’s eminently possible that Fin Taylor’s second full Fringe show contains more uses of the word ‘honky’ and ‘cracker’ in a stand-up set since Reg D Hunter in his prime. There are few points in Stink when Taylor’s tongue is very far away from his own cheek and he gets away with plenty thanks to a devilish attitude.

The show is vaguely set in the kitchen at a party across various parts of the evening and well into the wee small hours. It’s probably best to ignore this as it seems to have very little bearing on just about anything. Having an opening laugh with ‘who a comedian says they resemble’, he concludes that he ‘looks Greek on two levels’ before musing on what would constitute a classy death.

In attempting to straddle the line of self-loathing for his own ignorance and a hatred of other people’s pomposity, Taylor concludes that he is just ‘a piece of shit’. It might be a somewhat harsh statement, but his daft denunciation of Citizen Kane will certainly get him a few nodding agreements for that nutty viewpoint. While he might be advised to concoct a more rigorous format for his third show or ditch the whole notion entirely, Fin Taylor’s true natural wit will always save the day.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 30 Aug, 6pm, £7.50–£9.50 (£7–£9).

Fin Taylor: Stink

  • 3 stars

Observational comedy from Fin Taylor.