Teaset (4 stars)

This article is from 2015


Broken cups and lives

Gina Moxley's script, brought to vivid life by Amy Molloy's solo performance, takes on a pair of unfashionable issues: the loneliness of age and the threat of violence that lurks, unexpected. Molloy plays a young woman who, asked to care for an elderly woman over the New Year (her family are far too keen to enjoy a seasonal holiday), is confronted with mindless brutality.

Molloy is engaging, occasionally playing the older lady with subtle inflection, while bringing out the nuanced characterisation of the protagonist. Moxley's script addresses the violence without flinching or sensationalism: the relationship between the two women is sketched effectively yet briefly, and the more dramatic scenes are sensitively handled.

The message is clear – violence damages more than the body, and leaves lasting mental anguish – but not overplayed. Molloy is allowed to reveal her impressive acting skills, without slipping into a grand-standing performance, and the writing is tight, taut and evocative.

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  • 4 stars

Amy Molloy and Kibo Productions Christmas, 1999. A young woman minds elderly Mrs A, forgotten and isolated from her family. As New Year approaches, she makes an unlikely connection with her elderly charge and discovers the secret of her recent trauma, a secret that leaves both of them shaken in the wake of such…