If I Were Me (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

If I Were Me

credit: Richard Davenport

Tight and witty show exploring personal development

Featuring a collection of amusing character parodies - a CEO mad on his own metaphor, an arrogant career woman, a timid copy-writer who finds his mojo - Antler's show is a tight and witty look at personal development and the bullish branding of business language. Philip - a splendid Nasi Voutas - finds that he is not considered or respected, so 'rolls the dice' and becomes a player.

The fragmented, episodic structure makes Philip's journey an extended montage, showing the shifts in his relationships and his rise and fall in quick-fire sketches. He builds himself up through the apparent inspiration of the CEO and Bruce Springsteen: the finale may reveal his downfall, although the action spirals off into abstract physical theatre at the end and muddles the conclusion.

A sprightly and dynamic hour, with plenty to say about the way the individual is encouraged to understand their self through the filter of capitalism, If I Were Me suggests that Antler are indeed a company to watch.

Underbelly, Big Belly, 0844 545 8252, until 30 Aug, 7.05pm, £9--£10.50 (£8--£9.50)

If I Were Me

  • 3 stars

Antler It’s spring. The world is blossoming. Phillip’s potted daffodil is dying. A copywriter at an advertising agency, fading into the background of a pale office wall, he rearranges words until they work. But life isn't so easily edited. Phillip doesn't want to be Phillip. But what if he never really has been? What if…