Iain Stirling: Touchy Feely (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

Iain Stirling: Touchy Feely

Observational shtick that sees little and enlightens even less

Iain Stirling opens with remarks on last year’s Scottish independence referendum. Or at least, he tries to. The aim is to hook his indyref material onto one person, and a series of latecomers has him stopping and restarting this gambit for a tedious amount of time. When he eventually gets to his rather predictable thoughts on Scottish nationalism, it isn’t worth the wait.

Fifteen minutes on the experience of eating McDonald’s leads to nothing enlightening or novel. As he remarks, the menu has remained unchanged since 1982, but this routine is just as outdated. Vegetarians are apparently weak from lack of iron. Starbucks apparently has weird names for its coffee sizes. His look at contemporary politics could have been written by an alien whose only knowledge of earth was watching one series of Mock the Week.

The less said about his attempt to explain to the women in attendance what orgasms feel like, the better. At one point he walks up four stairs into the audience and drops the mic to demonstrate how ‘mental’ he can be. Stirling’s ‘observational’ material is of such poor quality that it shows contempt for the audience. His time would be better spent observing some more accomplished comedians to find out how it’s done.

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Iain Stirling: Touchy Feely

Upbeat wit and gags from Edinburgh-born stand-up and BAFTA-nominated children's TV presenter.