Champagne Socialist (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

Champagne Socialist

Unconvincing political journey alleviated by chummy eccentricity

Arabella Younger comes out the closet here about her Thatcherite relatives. She’s from a long line of Scottish Tories (and deeply ashamed about it) but rattles off the names: her uncle James sits in the House of Lords and recently proposed a bill to bring the grouse season forward; her grandfather George was secretary of state for Scotland and passed the poll tax bill; her godfather John is current culture secretary or, as she laments, ‘a man slowly disintegrating the arts’.

She wants to prove that the family’s Tory legacy is not hers, so her bubbly, eccentric Champagne Socialist is about what she calls ‘my self-righteous journey from right wing to left wing’. But the problem is one she seems to recognise herself: she’s not convinced by her own politics, so it’s tough to convince her crowd.

She parodies her plummy, pony-club roots with aplomb, and wants to share how ridiculous she finds it all, yet still seems to be alienating herself from the very gang she wants to join. For now, all the talk of marrying up and of the angry youths who might mug her sounds like someone who hasn’t quite shaken off her Tory ties as much as she’d like.

There are some silly laughs to be had, like when she shows a slide of a tiny taxidermied mouse on a broomstick that she made, or compares middle-class problems (getting a burn from pitta steam) with posh people’s problems (yep, she has an actual scar from when a stuffed stag fell on her head). Her chummy eccentricity works well and she has a fun storytelling style, but it’d be interesting to see what she’d do with a less problematic, less personal script.

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Champagne Socialist

  • 2 stars

Bella Younger/ Laughing Horse Free Festival Meet Bella Younger. She's very posh, doesn't sound nearly as Scottish as she ought to and is trying to shake off her roots once and for all. She's moved to Hackney and joined the Labour party but the only problem is, she's part of a notorious Tory dynasty and she sounds like the…