Jordan Brookes: Adventures in Limited Space (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Jordan Brookes: Adventures in Limited Space

A challenging anti-comedy escapade with no fear of awkwardness

Jordan Brookes takes all of the stand-up rules in the book and proceeds to snap them in two for this ultimate escapade of anti-comedy. Adventures in Limited Space could so easily have be an utter shambles but happily, Brookes is in full control of this neatly constructed show. He might possess the air of a man who just doesn't care – the crowd is small yet he still mentions that a reviewer and an awards judge are in – but the fact that it's perfectly and intricately performed gives him away.

Like Hong Kong Phooey, he begins as the janitor. Appearing from behind the curtain (which covers nothing more than a wall), he pretends to brush, polish and prep the stage. When he apparently appears as himself (though he frequently claims it might not actually be him) he warns us that he will perform characters, but there'll be no warning as to when he's doing them.

Brookes is even more fond of an awkward silence than Stewart Lee, continually drops a self-conscious knowing line to indicate the end of a scene and pauses sporadically throughout the show for an 'encore’. On occasion he lulls you into a sense that he's about to do something conventional, then swerves off into more absurdities. Challenging but compelling stuff.

Just the Tonic at The Community Project, 0330 220 1212, until 30 Aug, 1.35pm, £6 (£3).

Jordan Brookes: Adventures in Limited Space

  • 4 stars

Jordan Brookes Truth and fiction knock lumps out of each other on the battleground of a pale, malnourished man’s body and mind. A nonsense delve into identity, ambition and the lies we tell ourselves to get out of bed in the morning. Expect stand-up, character sketches, unnatural smiling and a callous lack of emotional…