Kieran Hodgson: Lance (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Kieran Hodgson: Lance

The right kind of buzz revolves around Lance

Kieran Hodgson plays an ensemble of characters in Lance, a personal narrative about not fitting in at school, moving away to uni and learning some important life lessons. With his love of cycling as the binding ingredient for the events, Lance Armstrong presides over the action as both a character (Hodgson plays him as a deluded Tom Cruise type) and as a metaphor for belief systems.

Coming-of-age tales about the loss of innocence and character comedy aren’t anything new. So how to explain the buzz that has Hodgson’s venue full to capacity and turning dozens of people away, while several reviewers and comedy judges are in attendance perhaps enticed by a sudden surge of glowing reviews?

Hodgson has previously had varying success and been accused of lacking coherence. Here, the script has been honed with every word necessary; the mimicry is uncanny, a musical number injects an element of surprise and the ending is euphoric (though he does cheat a little).

With archetypal characters so enjoyably drawn he can’t be criticised too much for the lack of originality in mining the English north / south divide. Lance delivers a polished hour that demonstrates supreme knowledge of the comedic forms he deftly employs. Get there early to be in with a chance of a seat.

Voodoo Rooms, 226 0000, until 30 Aug, 9.10pm, free.

Kieran Hodgson: Lance

A heartfelt and hilarious story of growing up, betrayal by professional athletes, and redemption.