The Thinking Drinkers’ Guide To The Legends Of Liquor (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

The Thinking Drinkers’ Guide To The Legends Of Liquor

credit: Steve Ullathorne

A thoughtless blokey fiesta of booze and bad gags

Uh oh. What we have here is a cheery sausagefest with free booze chucked in; a kind of live and liquid version of Nuts magazine. It’s ‘the show that celebrates alcohol’ and where’s the harm in that? Plenty when it turns out that the humour is a cross between a Christmas cracker and the stuff you’d find in a student union bar after too many vodka Red Bulls. Think groan-inducing puns (‘Shakespeare walks into a bar: “You’re bard!”’), panto-level piss, fart and bare-bum jokes, casual homophobia (two lads holding hands? So weird it must be hilarious!), Top Gear references and lines about snooker and darts.

As they list famous drinkers throughout history, women are conspicuous by their absence until around 45 minutes in (besides a gag about James Bond fingering foreign girls), when our dapper hosts Tom and Ben decide to do some wind-up material for the ladies featuring them being moody and liking kittens.

The fact they dish out trays of free booze (vodka, bourbon, whisky and beer are all included in the ticket price) definitely helps pass the time, and might explain the packed audiences. But looking at the script, even with beer goggles on, what where the Thinking Drinkers thinking?

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 31 Aug, 6.40pm, £10–£12.50 (£9–£11.50).

The Thinking Drinkers' Guide to the Legends of Liquor

  • 2 stars

Thinking Drinkers The ideal aperitif to your Edinburgh evening. Slide onto the bar stool of discovery and enjoy five free drinks whilst exploring the liquid lives of history's most extraordinary elbow-benders. Roosevelt, Dorothy Parker, Andre the Giant and Jesus Christ star in this award-winning show from two highly…