Joe Lycett: That’s The Way, A-Ha A-Ha, Joe Lycett (4 stars)

This article is from 2015.

Joe Lycett: That’s The Way, A-Ha A-Ha, Joe Lycett

Turning likeability into a pure comedic trip

After a break last year, Birmingham’s Joe Lycett returns to Edinburgh with his third solo show (and another painfully punny title). Combining successful elements from previous shows, we hear about daft escapades, his long-running campaign to be named one of Attitude magazine’s 100 hottest men and his online antics baiting trolls and puncturing celebrity culture.

Without making a big song and dance about it, he weaves together all the disparate elements with a subtle call-back here, a perfectly crafted simile there, into a beautifully moulded whole that seems to unfold effortlessly. Lycett’s biggest asset in the past has been his sheer likeability and he uses the force of that personality to control a room. The camp voice and mannerisms quickly draw to mind comparisons with Julian Clary, and it is in the arena of cabaret comedy as opposed to man-with-a-microphone stand-up that Lycett operates.

But rather than capitalise on being a gay comedian, he explains his bisexuality and a more nuanced attitude to sexuality in general. He uses campness as a place from which to attack lad culture, which he mimics and lampoons to great effect. Building on earlier promise, Joe Lycett has figured out what works for him.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 30 Aug, 8pm, £10 (£8).

Joe Lycett: That's The Way, A-Ha A-Ha, Joe Lycett

  • 4 stars

Lycett's latest show is all about the ability to be a wee bit useless in life while trying to figure out what it's all about. He talks about his home town (Birmingham, doncha know?) and about the time he met Kim Kardashian, which is bound to be an interesting story if nothing else.