David Mills: Don’t Get Any Ideas (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

David Mills: Don’t Get Any Ideas

An amusing claws-out hour infected by an occasionally bitter tirade

‘Comedy works in life-threatening venues’, insists David Mills inside a rather elegant little space (with a well-stocked bar) inside the Voodoo Rooms. You suspect that he’s not used to surroundings that are anything less than quite delightful (book him a month in The Caves next year and his tune might change), but whatever scenario he finds himself in, there’s a high probability that the cattiness would flow unhindered.

Mills has enlisted some musical accompaniment for Don’t Get Any Ideas in the shape of guitarist Laurence Owen (also with his own residency in this venue) but his finest moments come in the caustic and sarcastic barbs he plants in front of politicos such as Hillary Clinton and Kim Jong-un while he keeps enough vials of acid in reserve for ISIS and gay cruises.

But amid a slightly weird resurrection of Larry Grayson’s ‘shut that door’ catchphrase, there’s a vague sense of professional jealousy underlying some of his targets. If you can get past a savagely unnecessary and joke-free take-down of last year’s Edinburgh Comedy Award-winner John Kearns who played in the very same room, there’s plenty to enjoy in a catty hour where his claws are as sharp as his suit. Oh, and Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne gets it in the neck for his Stephen Hawking role as well. Draw your own conclusions from that.

Voodoo Rooms, 226 0000, until 30 Aug, 5.15pm, free.

David Mills: Don't Get Any Ideas / Free

  • 3 stars

David Mills / PBH's Free Fringe Free. Focus people! David Mills is back with brand new, razor sharp rants delivered with signature cocktail swagger and a biting, acerbic wit. Hilarious tirades covering celebrity pop culture, ISIS, politicians, and London life. Mills gleefully 'skewers sacred cows with a droll precision…