Annabelle’s Skirting Board Adventure (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Annabelle’s Skirting Board Adventure

Digital trickery and live music combine in this fresh new show

It’s always nice to know you’re in safe hands, especially at a show for younger audiences. Building up a rapport with children isn’t easy, nor is keeping the energy level sufficiently high to stop tiny minds (and bottoms) from wandering. But within seconds of walking on stage, the crew behind Annabelle’s Skirting Board Adventure have put us in a good mood – and that’s where we stay.

A lot of work (probably more than we can guess at) has gone into creating this wonderfully inventive show. Largely because of its heavy reliance on digital technology, and the timing and precision needed to make it work.

The Annabelle of the title is a small blue elephant – so small, in fact, she can’t be seen by the human eye. Instead, she’s caught on camera by Arthur, our trusted friend, who introduces us to Annabelle and her best pal, Icarus the moth (no prizes for guessing what he’s attracted to).

Aided by a trumpet-playing narrator called ‘the man’, and an (intentionally) unhappy tech guy, the trio go on an epic adventure which sees Annabelle journey from kitchen table to front door, via an armchair (her own personal equivalent of scaling Mount Kilimanjaro).

It’s all very silly, very funny and very clever. Younger children may not get all the jokes, but there’s more than enough to keep them occupied visually – and there’s no shortage of fun for grown-ups, either.

Just the Tonic at the Community Project, 0330 220 1212, until 30 Aug, 11.30am, £9 (£6).

Annabelle's Skirting Board Adventure

  • 4 stars

Howard Read and Steve Pretty Annabelle is the world's smallest elephant, and her friend Icarus is a moth who loves bright lights and woolly jumpers. Together they go on an adventure beyond all imaginings. An ordinary living room can be a place of danger if you’re one millimetre tall. This mixture of animation, live video…