Aidan Strangeman: Horsey (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Aidan Strangeman: Horsey

Superior musical comedy from the heart

Aidan Strangeman starts off delightfully though conventionally with comedic songs about his Irish Catholic upbringing, his lack of success in romance and his musical ambition. He gets plenty mileage from the image of the singer-songwriter who turns the pain of unrequited love into minor-chord hits. But the greatest emotional drive for his music comes from the everyday heartbreak of working at a marriage and raising children, of a wife with a sleep disorder, two daughters with autism, the psychological legacy of a religious upbringing, and that Tom Waits has already written a song named after his wife.

It’s this emotional depth that separates Strangeman from other musical comedy shows, as much as it is the quality of each song, his mesmerising voice or the way he knits it all together into a cohesive whole, playing the audience like a fiddle.

Strangeman won So You Think You’re Funny? in 2014. This year he has returned with a work of superlative musical comedy that is both moving and hilarious. He deserves his tiny venue to be full every day and, at the end of the show, offers a compelling reason why he needs to make his fortune. It would be a mistake not to comply.

Gilded Balloon, 622 6552, until 31 Aug, 5.30pm, £9–£10 (£8–£9).

Aidan Strangeman: Horsey

  • 4 stars

Aidan Strangeman Winner of So You Think You're Funny? 2014, Irish musical comedian Aidan Strangeman is his kids' favourite superhero. Can he grow up before they do? Aidan and his comedy songs have previously featured in the theatre show Singlehood which has played to thousands of people in some of Ireland's largest…