Kirsten MacGregor: Hello Cruel World (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

Kirsten MacGregor: Hello Cruel World

Teenage newcomer at her best when she dips into darkness

The two stars here may seem harsh but bear in mind they’re in comparison to those people that MacGregor mentions in her shy bucket speech when suggesting how much her audience should pay – 'they tell you to say that you pay £15 to see shows at The Pleasance, but they've been on Live at the Apollo'.

For an 18-year-old, who is still at college and who has experienced more than her fair share of difficulties in life already, MacGregor compares pretty well. After all she's chosen to spend the holidays putting on a show at one of the biggest arts festivals in the world.

At present it is, however, relatively far from a rounded experience, more a list of the material she can recall. It needs tightening up. But that said, there are very interesting qualities here. She's brutally honest about her Asperger's, manic depression and stints in psychiatric hospital. She's at her best when she dips into darkness, a quality she'd do well to develop. The highlight is when she harshly brings down the music she doesn't like, with Justin Bieber and Take That quite rightly targeted.

She's got something here – those stars are sure to rack up.

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Hello Cruel World

  • 2 stars

They say there are two types of people in the world. Well Kirsten hates them both. Join this grumpy twat in her hilarious new stand-up show and hear about the troubles and awkward situations which premature old age have summoned, from pretending to be deaf in order to avoid conversation, to attempting to convince Alex…