Will Mars: Outspoken White Guy (1 star)

This article is from 2015

Will Mars: Outspoken White Guy

Credit: Erik Furulund

An hour of unpleasant, often offensive material

Writing about Will Mars is a difficult undertaking. Reviews of his shows all tend to say the same things: his material is tired, his worldview is disagreeable, he’s not as funny as he thinks he is. Mars responds to these criticisms in the show by disparaging previous reviewers’ credentials and joking (I hope) about cyber-stalking one 18-year-old female reviewer. The crux of his rebuttal is that they just don’t ‘get it’. He can add another one to his list.

Outspoken White Guy is an hour of unpleasant, often offensive material, most of which he has used in previous shows. He attempts to make jokes about race and gender that reveal how unprejudiced he is but the rest of the material gives the opposite impression. What is meant to be a barnstorming crescendo – a monologue about relationships – elicits a weak response.

He implies that this is character comedy, an ironic persona, but nothing in the material or the delivery bears this out. Neither does he have the rapport with the audience to pull off being charmingly self-deprecating.

Undoubtedly this review will add to his opinion that he is misunderstood. Next year he’ll be peddling the same shtick and the reviewers will still be giving the same verdict.

Laughing Horse @ City Café, 220 0125, until 30 Aug, 6.45pm, free.

Will Mars: Outspoken White Guy

  • 1 star

Will Mars / Free Festival Will Mars is outspoken, white and very much just a guy. His stand-up is fearless and guaranteed to entertain. Finalist in the English Comedian of the Year award 2014. Creator of the festival cult hit show (and BBC television pilot) Joke Thieves, and shortlisted in the Funniest Jokes of the Fringe…