Kelly Kingham: Inside Out (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

Kelly Kingham: Inside Out

Downbeat tale has potential but fails to connect with audience

Most Fringe fans are well versed in the language of comedy and realise that not everything said on stage is true. And we hope that's the case for Kelly Kingham who paints a rather sad picture of a lost figure living an unfulfilled life. Made redundant, considering divorce, his only friend is his dog Colin ('"rowf" that's his noise').

It's too downbeat. And while there's a rich seam of miserabilist comedians, crucially they know how to mine the shade for comedy nuggets that connect on an emotional level. Kingham's brand feels all too real.

It's just not his night, as he fails to connect with the audience. He starts off as an old-fashioned stand-up, but as he heads into deeper, darker more uncomfortable territory, he loses the crowd. You can't help but sympathise; Kingham looks nervous and has invested so much of himself in this show, but there are ten-minute tracts completely devoid of jokes. Some sections are intentionally awkward, others are genuinely quite moving and a couple even sparkle with wit, especially his chat with a city fox (with a few tweaks Inside Out could be a decent one-man theatrical monologue). There's potential but in its current form Inside Out needs editing.

Just the Tonic at The Caves, 0330 220 1212, until 29 Aug (not 25), 5pm, free.

Kelly Kingham: Inside Out

  • 2 stars

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