Breakfast Epiphanies (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Breakfast Epiphanies

An upfront and clever retelling of a missed opportunity

Cormac Friel was just a simple young man from Donegal who wanted to be a rich and successful Hollywood star and win Oscars and fame. Why is that so difficult? Turns out everything he had been told as a child was a lie; believing in yourself isn’t enough to get what you want in life, hard work is required somewhere along the line and refusing to go to drama class probably wasn’t the best move for an aspiring actor.

Lucky for us, then, that Friel decided to turn to comedy. He retells his experiences with a genuine charm that warms the audience to him; despite the cold put-downs he dishes out to any member of the front row brave enough to engage him. Friel’s material takes some sharp turns which goes some way to helping keep the audience off balance. His account of a night spent in Las Vegas is particularly funny and frighteningly honest.

This honesty, combined with his cheeky smile and subdued swagger, hide a devilish mind that repeatedly manages to sneak in clever gags where they are not expected. Unless of course he isn’t being truthful at all, in which case he truly does deserve an Oscar.

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Breakfast Epiphanies

  • 3 stars

Cormac Friel They told him the world was his oyster. Nowadays, he lives in ex-council housing and cannot afford an oyster. His parents told him he could achieve anything he put his mind to. His parents reassessed that statement when he put his mind to show business. This guy assumed he’d win Oscars, earn millions and…