CUT (3 stars)

This article is from 2015


Female terror in the dark

Set in a special location – which is not especially site-specific, however – CUT follows the long-standing tradition of horror films that trade in female terror and eroticised violence. A single woman, an air hostess, slips between dreams full of significance and her daily life. The mounting tension as she becomes convinced that she is being stalked is heightened by the frequent jumps between subtle lighting and darkness.

The violence is given a sexual undercurrent, with the woman's fixation on scissors and cutting culminating into an orgasmic finale of destruction. Lingering in a liminal state between waking and sleep, the production never reveals whether this is truth or fantasy, suggesting a subconscious psychodrama within the character, where sex and death mingle and mate.

The conceit – the room is set up as if it were an airplane – does not add much to the paranoid, claustrophobic atmosphere and the emphasis on explanation rather than performance makes CUT a dense experience. It is savage, provocative but never quite reaches the brutal shock of the horror film, despite a strong central performance and some intriguing thoughts on the depths of human fantasies.

Underbelly George Square, 0844 545 8252, until 31 Aug, times vary, £12.50-£13.50 (£11.50-£12.50)


  • 3 stars

Underbelly Productions Winner of the 2015 Underbelly Adelaide Award and Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Weekly Award. Part installation, part theatre poem, part noir thriller, CUT took the 2015 Adelaide Fringe by storm. A woman prepares for work. In her image a series of chilling events unfold. She is hunter and hunted. An…