Boris: World King (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Boris: World King

Three’s Company and KPS Productions take on the Mayor of London

Since bumbling Boris Johnson appears to be doing every other job in the UK at the moment, it seems only fair that the thinking man’s fool should have his own show up here at the Edinburgh Fringe to promote his special brand of buffoonery. And while he may win a good deal of votes with this theatrical outing, it’s unlikely to win him an overall majority.

Starting with his early years at Eton, we journey with Alex, or Boris as he is now more commonly known, from one gaff and fumble to another as he wobbles his way almost to the brink of power and to the hearts of the British people.

David Benson bears an uncanny resemblance to Johnson, superbly capturing the stuttering mannerisms for which he is now famous, led on by a script that, while humorous, also reveals the character as a quietly dark and predatory figure, which lends the piece a more sinister and creepy tone.

The jokes come thick and fast to some success, but there are many that miss the mark, which ultimately could be put down to the character’s eagerness to please. However, there is a sense of perhaps taking things a little too far as his antics become more irritating than funny and we long for our blond-haired friend to shut up, pack up and catch the next train down to London town.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 31 Aug, 1.45pm, £8–£10.50 (£7–£9.50).

Boris: World King

  • 3 stars

Three’s Company & KPS Productions Britain's favourite comedy-politician takes a quick summer recess from his two part-time jobs to present a play about his life at the Edinburgh Fringe. After serving as Eton's Head Boy, Oxford Union President, and Mayor of London, Boris now eyes the biggest prize of them all … the…