Antiwords (3 stars)

This article is from 2015


Silent play mixes performance art and physical theatre

If you've ever spent a night in an old man boozer, with two bald fellas drinking beer in silence and alternately excusing themselves to go to the toilet, then this play will look familiar. Because that's basically all it is.

A mix of performance art and physical theatre, the actors on stage never speak. They walk on, perform a routine with a bottle of beer between their legs, then don enormous original, bald-headed masks and sit at a table, downing bottles of beer.

The play tells the story of a meeting between a brewer and a persecuted politician, and relies on exaggerated gesture and intimate physical moments to communicate its storyline. For a physical theatre piece, it's surprisingly lacking in physical action, since most of the time, the characters are sitting. This does, however, set up some strong comedic moments, and more than once, these real life marionette-type creatures get the house roaring with laughter. That said, they also managed to make people walk out, so to say it is divisive is an understatement.

This piece requires an open mind and some intense concentration, but there is value in it. If you do go, let's hope you're the type of person who enjoys a quiet beer.

Summerhall, 560 1581, until 30 Aug (not 24), 8.25pm, £12 (£10).


  • 3 stars

Spitfire Company in association with Aurora Nova Internationally acclaimed performance from Herald Angel Award winner Spitfire Company influenced by the works of Václav Havel, especially his play Audience and its legendary film adaptation. What happens when a brewer and a persecuted politician, alter ego of Václav Havel…