Susie McCabe: The Drugs Don't Work (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Susie McCabe: The Drugs Don't Work

A heartfelt and passionate plea for understanding

If you went on a night out with Susie McCabe she’d probably lead you astray. In a show that recognises cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gambling and even certain foods as vices, she’s adept at describing their enjoyment. McCabe first started indulging in illegal activities at 14, an age she acknowledges is young even by Glasgow standards. She doesn’t shy away from Glasgow references and the show is peppered with rich Weegie phrases, including short yet expansive expressions such as ‘wee dick’ and ‘no need’. Brilliant when she’s angry, whether it be about her wife pausing the news or her brother’s blatant cheating at Subbuteo, her impassioned rants make for hilarious fare.

It’s a bit of a hodge-podge of material but McCabe is assured when holding court and her relaxed style and natural pace link it all together. There’s a gentle ribbing of several of her close family, as well as Roman Catholics, but her self-deprecating humour draws most attention to her own alleged shortcomings.

Her discussion of drug use moves from her formative years to anti-depressant prescriptions as an adult. While the entire show is personal, this doesn’t feel like a topic she’s ready to fully commit to, though she offers some genuinely heartfelt advice, including the therapeutic powers of owning several dogs.

The Stand 4, 558 7272, until 30 Aug, 7.10pm, £8 (£7).

Susie McCabe: The Drugs Don't Work

  • 3 stars

Guys, Susie is dying. No really, she is. And this new show about her extreme hypochondria is purely coincidental.