Pun-Man's Pun Party (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Pun-Man's Pun Party

A pun-filled 60 minutes manages to hold boredom and boozers at bay

An hour of nothing but puns is a groan-worthy proposition. Add to that a venue with a bar slap bang in the middle of the seating area and the constant stream of drinks being served leading to a very boozy crowd. On top of this, Pun-Man Leo Kearse’s outfit (approximating a superhero) is less whimsical and more like if uncle Terry got a bit sozzled at Christmas, put aunt Margaret’s bra on his head and thought he was being totally hysterical.

Yes, it’s shambolic. Yes, there are groans mixed in with the laughs, but somehow it all works. Kearse’s claim that he can pun on any subject is demonstrably false, but the sheer number of them ensures enough hits to outweigh the misses. Despite claiming to eschew observational material, he sprinkles it among the one-liners and, with an extended bit about trains, manages to be improbably hilarious about a mundane topic. There is one shit bit (it’s about faeces) which isn’t actually very good.

With a semi-soused audience relishing the challenge of choosing the topics and giving the Pun-Man ample opportunities to defeat hecklers, any misgivings about the venue are disproved, as are doubts about the viability of 60 minutes of puns.

Frankenstein Pub, 226 0000, until 30 Aug (not 24), 8.30pm, free.

Pun-Man's Pun Party

  • 3 stars

Leo Kearse / La Favorita Freestival UK Pun Champion Leo Kearse, aka Pun-Man, is here to save humanity from observational comedy with a pun party! But he's having a bit of trouble adapting to your planet. If you like award-winning stupid jokes, interactive punning and a confused lycra-clad Scottish alien, then you'll love…