Ahir Shah: Distant (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Ahir Shah: Distant

Superb soapbox rage from a comic who should be far better known

Passionate, poetic and powerfully funny, Ahir Shah is a fully committed comic who, in this compact upstairs room at the Counting House, makes you feel like you’ve been cornered by a slightly furious soapbox orator. No doubt conceived before Shah’s room was chosen, the title of Distant now seems wholly ironic given that he could probably whisper this hour and we’d all hear it without straining.

While being proud of his heritage he’s also marginally guilty about how posh he might seem on the ear, but his skills are evidently born from both a solid education and natural comedic flair. He chats pointedly about his decision to give up smoking and his life as a vegetarian while there’s stark rage about the media coverage of the British women who have fled to join ISIS.

As well as the personal stuff, there’s plenty about the state of the country after the general election dealt its scrawny hand south of the border (there’s a curious number of comics who have chosen to ignore the very different story up here whenever they discuss the 2015 polling results).

Ahir Shah is another comic at this year’s Fringe for whom the comedy fates have not dealt a deserved hand. Quite why he’s not several steps higher up the stand-up ladder is a mystery bordering on grave injustice.

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 667 7533, until 30 Aug, 7.30pm, free.

Ahir Shah: Distant

  • 4 stars

Philosophical musings on a myriad of topics ranging from World War I and capitalism, to pirates and cigarettes.