Twins: Pret a Comedy (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Twins: Pret a Comedy

Knockabout fun as a Twin zips through their bucket list

They might not look like twins, don’t especially act like twins and don’t appear to have that special if weird telepathic connection that twins often claim to have, but we are assured that Annie McGrath and Jack Barry absolutely came out of their mother at more or less the same time. Then again, why does Annie keep leaning in for a proper kiss?

Tragedy is about to unfold though, as it appears one of them (it’s Jack) has an incurable disease and is predicted to die in, yes you guessed it, exactly one hour’s time. Rather than mope around for the duration of his short life, he attempts to go through as much of his hastily knocked-up bucket list as he possibly can in 60 late-night minutes.

So, Barry tries to be a superhero, wants to see the northern lights, endeavours to learn a foreign language (McGrath wisely keeps telling him to drop that one: ‘there’s no time!’) and break a world record (it’s bound to be eating-related). This pleasantly daft affair certainly zips along as they mould a Boosh-like universe filled with mean bandits and a Scouse warm-up act called Wack and Wannie. There’s nothing too wilfully obscure to melt the mind here and the potentially traumatic Pret A Comedy is just inoffensive knockabout fun.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 30 Aug (not 17 & 18, 24), midnight, free.

Twins: Pret a Comedy

  • 3 stars

Twins Annie McGrath and Jack Barry are back with another sketch comedy show for people who hate sketch comedy. Charmingly laid-back, self-deprecating riff-waff at its most free. ‘Original and funny… Ones to watch’ ( ‘Brilliantly outlandish, and left the audience with a clear indication of the pair’s…