Dead Funny (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Dead Funny

Dark and sinister songs about all the taboos

Harry Garrison has been treading the local circuit for a while now and was runner-up at last year’s Scottish Comedian of the Year Final (some later opinion suggested that he was robbed). The experience gathered up in that time means that he’s developed a variety of skills to easily handle some salty Saturday-night audience members: he just blanks them, pretty much.

Instead of indulging in potentially gig-altering banter, Garrison simply ploughs on with his jet-black comedy songs featuring abduction, paedophilia, age intolerance, abduction, rape, public defecation and, well, abduction. Having previously attempted to get ahead in the industry as an actual proper singer-songwriter, Garrison arrived at the conclusion that injecting some comedy into his lyrics was going down better. Though given the number which he first wrote in a humorous vein (‘Jehovah’s Kickback’), his work has improved vastly in the interim period.

The opening number about a mail-order bride has a sting in its tail while the grin he adopts throughout his set is more cheeky than sinister. Garrison clearly relishes the audible reaction to some of his more depraved offerings and when he announces a song as being ’a lovely little ballad’, you know it’s going to be nothing of the kind. Deliciously dark stuff.

Scottish Comedy Festival @ The Beehive Inn, 07768 048 165, until 30 Aug (not 17 & 18, 24 & 25), 10.25pm, free.

Dead Funny

  • 3 stars

Harry Garrison This is Glasgow-based comedian Harry Garrison’s debut festival show, but with his confident, flawless delivery and natural charm, one would never know. Don´t be fooled when he shuffles on clutching his guitar: his set is not for the faint-hearted. His honest, and often oddball take on life and other…