Patrick Stevenson-Keating: Reciprociti (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Patrick Stevenson-Keating: Reciprociti

credit: Patrick Stevenson-Keating

Thought-provoking exhibition on the role of money

A site-specific installation within a busy city centre bank branch, this display by Patrick Stevenson-Keating’s Studio PSK communication design agency carefully freights consideration of money not as a simple article of currency, but as a means of social interaction and a system which is used to arrange people by their interaction with it. That’s plainly the case just now, of course, but he moves beyond the familiar rich and poor dynamic into other fields. A series of branded posters for the theoretical Reciprociti bank have been designed, advertising insurance for investments devalued by adverse tweets; and savings accounts whose value is linked to the customer's weight or the hypothetical time / value / location equation.

He has also designed new objects for making digital payments which seek to create a sense of physical context about how much the holder is spending, taking the uniformity out of the process and allowing something like the tangible act of counting out notes or coins to occur; one is a dial which must be rotated to increase the amount, and another is an unwieldy balloon system which shows the amount you’re spending in relation to the value of your account. There’s also a fake ATM which dispenses personalised notes, a physical suggestion of the sense of individual interaction Stevenson-Keating is proposing in this thought-provoking exhibition.

Royal Bank of Scotland, 142-144 Princes Street, until 29 Aug, free.

Patrick Stevenson-Keating: Reciprociti

  • 3 stars

Designer Patrick Stevenson-Keating's exhibition focuses on monetary transactions.