Music preview: Supermoon

This article is from 2015

Music preview: Supermoon

Artist formerly known as Meursault performs as part of Song, by Toad's Pale Imitation Festival

‘Death to Meursault … I will kill again … ’ warned Neil Pennycook one year ago. Not one to renege on ominous promises, Supermoon – the latest manifestation of Pennycook’s unique brand of uplifting melancholia – headlines Summerhall in the marquee event (or ‘posh and show-offy’ according to label owner Matthew) of Song, by Toad’s Pale Imitation Festival on Aug 27.

Labelmate and long-time collaborator of Pennycook’s, Rob St John, completes the lineup where a new collection of songs, appropriately named I Will Kill Again, will see their debut.

From the glimpses that we’ve been given of his post-Meursault guise, there seems to be more of an edge to Supermoon, with the darker and sample embellished sounds of ‘Klopfgeist’ adding a foreboding undercurrent to the familiar melodic howls and whimpers into which Pennycook contorts his voice. It might be seen as a brave decision to leave behind such a cult following as Meursault had, but Pennycook never was one to rest on his laurels, constantly evolving his former vehicle both in terms of sonic palate and lineup; it is through this lens that this show should be viewed. One of the more compelling performers to emerge in recent years, he’s equally capable of stripped back and vulnerable performances, stirring, orchestra-backed soundscapes, and nearly blowing the roof off the Liquid Rooms. This time, he’s backed by a full band, but to an end that remains pleasingly mysterious – and what better venue in which to wrap this bundle of possibility than Summerhall’s Dissection Room?

With Eagleowl (Aug 20), Adam Stafford (Aug 22) and a Night School Records showcase (Aug 29) all still to come at Henry’s Cellar Bar as part of Pale Imitation, it’s safe to say that when it comes to live music in Edinburgh, reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Summerhall, 560 1581, 27 Aug, 8.30pm, £10.


After the disbanding of Meursault Neil Pennycook returns with this melancholy folky indie collective who aren't afraid of adding the odd burst of electronica to proceedings.