Mitch's Movie Pitches (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Mitch's Movie Pitches

A solid, if unremarkable, debut solo show

For the second year running, London performance art duo Sh!t Theatre have facilitated the Fringe debut of a new artist with their Sh!t Theatre Artist Support Scheme. This time, the product is Mitch's Movie Pitches, a flawed, but well-conceived solo, written and performed by emerging theatre-maker Eric Sigmundsson.

Sigmundsson gives a confident performance as Mitch, a haughty but charming writer / director with a creative vision too radical for film commissioners. A loop pedal at his feet, he drawls, hums and hiccups his outlandish plot descriptions into a microphone, recording parts and playing them back as a soundtrack to his monologues.

Sigmundsson's inexperience is apparent. The pitches occasionally lose their way, audience interaction is awkwardly handled, and clumsy delivery fails some decent lines. Yet, it remains a promising debut. While the two movement sequences feel out of place, Sigmundsson, an accomplished physical performer, shines in both. And although the play's climax – a piercing moment of self-realisation – feels somewhat unearned, it's performed with a captivating manic intensity that contrasts perfectly with the arrogant monologues.

While the humour is spotty, combining absurd premises with a satirical bite that occasionally falls flat, Sigmundsson's performance is assured. Despite its flaws, Mitch's Movie Pitches marks a solid debut for the young artist.

Summerhall, 560 1581, until 29 Aug (not 16 & 17, 19, 21, 23 & 24, 26, 28), 2pm, £5.

Mitch’s Movie Pitches

  • 3 stars

Eric Sigmundsson Mitch wants to make movies. Problem is, all of his ideas are too absurd, expensive and downright ridiculous to ever be produced. Homophobic Santa Claus. A family watching a movie whilst their house burns down around them. A kitchen sink action movie. Using a loop-pedal, lyrical speech and dark humour…