The Overcoat (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

The Overcoat

Clever digital fun from South Korean theatre company

A child not wanting their parent to go to work will be a recognisable scenario for many in the audience. But when young Jenny tugs on her father’s overcoat as he walks out the door, something magical starts to happen. A lose thread pulls away, and as she sits there playing with it, an adventure unfolds.

The canvas tent, built by Jenny and her father before he leaves, becomes the backdrop for a series of clever projections. As the little girl’s vivid imagination runs wild, she finds herself escaping a spider, swimming under the ocean, bouncing on top of a wave and trying to escape a colourful woolly monster.

What at first seems lo-fi, homespun and lacking direction soon becomes a touching, funny and highly imaginative show which entertains everyone, young and not-so young. South Korean outfit, Brush Theatre LLC is the team behind popular 2014 show, Brush (which has returned for this year’s Fringe) and The Overcoat builds on their reputation for using visual art to theatrical effect.

Before the show starts, Jenny and her father tie a small piece of thread around all our wrists – a gentle reminder of a charming show.

Summerhall, 560 1581, until 30 Aug, 9.45am, £9 (£5).

The Overcoat

  • 4 stars

Brush Theatre LLC Jenny's a mischievous little girl who loves playing with her Dad. But he has to put on his business suit, pick up his briefcase and go to work. When Jenny grabs hold of his overcoat to stop him leaving, a thread unravels, becoming the start of a magical world of adventure and discovery. Join Jenny on her…