Big Fat Bribe blog: the bribers get arsey

This article is from 2015

Big Fat Bribe blog: the bribers get arsey

The Sea of Stories puppet troupe

In which we receive a ceramic derriere, 'celebrity' memorabila, and a bottle of mead from some puppets

Augustus Stephens has been told that he has the best bum of the Fringe (in the over 50s category at least), so you'd think he'd take that away, add it to his Twitter bio and say nothing more about the batter. Oh, contraire. Augustus has started a site where you can vote for your own favourite posterior. In honour of this, he brought The List a rather cheeky bum-shaped trophy, which we can only assume means that we at least made the shortlist.

In addition to judging derrieres, Stephens also has his very own Fringe show, Augustus and the Holy Grail (Free Sisters, 11pm, until 30 Aug). When he was hand-delivering our award, he mentioned that it made a woman 'cry with laughter', so why not pay him a visit? Go ahead, cry us a river.

Our next bribe came from the fella behind Late with Lance!, who sent us a pit-stained undershirt 'that once belonged to Hugh Jackman' and a used eyelash, that was once glued to the eyelid of 'Liza Minnelli'. Now, naturally we had our suspicions with regards to their authenticity. But Lance wouldn't send us a fake bribe, would he?

The best way of telling if he's a stand-up guy as well as a comedian would be to see his show, we suppose, which is on at The Counting House every day at 2.30pm (ironically, not late at all).

And lastly, in our most interactive bribe so far, the folk from The Sea of Stories brought some puppets along and gave us a wee musical number to work along to. One the harp-playing and puppet holding had commenced, they handed us a bottle of mead, which we will definitely be saving for the 31st August.

The puppet troupe have a whopping three shows at this year's Festival, Beowulf, The Wild Man of Orford, and The Tale of Tommy O'Quire. It's a good job puppets don't need sleep, eh?

That's all for now folks, but you've still got time to bribe us should the fancy take you. Tweet us at @thelistmagazine to let us know it's coming, then send your best efforts to:

The List
Tweeddale Court
14 High Street

Big Fat Bribe blog: the bribers get arsey Big Fat Bribe blog: the bribers get arsey Big Fat Bribe blog: the bribers get arsey

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