Megan Ford: Feminasty (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Megan Ford: Feminasty

credit: Christa Holka

A fast and loud multi-character show aiming to derail the patriarchy

American comic Megan Ford is hopefully preaching to the converted for an audience of ‘artsy liberal cunts’. Though given the lack of delirious applause which greet a few of her character-led sections, the odd conservative or two may have sneaked their way in. Against a backdrop of newspaper and magazine front covers which range from the somewhat disrespectful to the downright salacious, Ford immediately sets out her stall for her Feminasty hour.

Why are we as a society obsessed with seeing Emma Watson’s labia as she departs from a parked vehicle of an evening and have we moved on at all from the dark period of the 1980s, a decade crammed with ‘racial stereotypes and cleavage’? To back up her arguments, she introduces us to characters such as Lena Zerox, a bazooka-breasted video-games character, Maddy Mitchell, a right-wing family-values prospective congresswoman, and Trixie Lockwood, a pre-Depression-era flapper who quaffs champers while wittering on about ‘scandal!’

Through ‘the medium of wigs’, Ford aims to get her message across, but the lack of subtlety might make your brain hurt before its had a proper chance to think. Still, if the ‘patriarchy won’t fuck itself’, getting the word out fast and loud might be the only way to stop everyday sexism in its tracks.

Underbelly George Square, 0844 545 8252, until 31 Aug (not 19), 2.50pm, £8–£9 (£7–£8).

Megan Ford: Feminasty

  • 3 stars

Ditto Productions Debut solo show all about the stupid media from a piece of American trash. Armed with horrible characters, dumb sketches, and incredible rap songs, Ford takes down the patriarchy with nothing but her bare hands and some fabulous wigs. Overthrowing the dominant paradigm just got even more fun. 'Bursts…