Matt Winning: Mugabe and Me (3D) (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Matt Winning: Mugabe and Me (3D)

Charming and accomplished debut hour from Robert Mugabe’s ‘son’

Matt Winning has clearly put a lot of effort into his show. The 3D glasses he hands out cost him £400, he claims, so put them on before she show starts or his money will have been wasted.

What seems like one nonsensical title among hundreds on the Fringe programme, Mugabe and Me 3D turns out to be a clever way of tying together topical material. Pretending to be Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe’s son (a risky move that lands just shy of offensive) allows him to move from segments on an African gap year to corruption in FIFA to Top Gear presenters in a way that makes narrative sense. He even manages to work in a game show, a poem and, most unbelievably, reads out internet comments in a way that doesn’t imply he was too lazy to write his own material.

Every aspect of this charming production has been polished, from the little throwaway lines to the finale with a sense of occasion. As well as the best punchline to a ‘how many bankers’ set-up, he has one-liners to rival Tim Vine’s funniest joke awards. His efforts have paid of tenfold in an accomplished debut hour.

Opium, 226 0000, until 29 Aug (not 18), 3.45pm, free.

Matt Winning: Mugabe and Me (3D)

  • 4 stars

Zanu PF / PBH's Free Fringe Moderately anticipated debut hour of idiosyncratic nonsense from Winning (The Comedy Zone 2013, finalist BBC New Comedy Awards 2012, winner Hilarity Bites New Act 2011, finalist Chortle Student Comedy Awards 2010 and 2011). Also co-creator of the ‘cultish’ (Independent) Fringe show the Bearpit…