Adam Riches is Coach Coach (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Adam Riches is Coach Coach

Credit: Idil Sukan

Over-excitable and profoundly daft tale of a coach’s obsession with victory

Banging chart dance is pounding as the audience take their seats. The wise know to give the front row a wide berth, but in fairness, no seat is really safe. The crowd is violated with wild abandon during Adam Richesprofoundly daft tale of an American high school sports coach, guiding his team to victory in a ‘volfsball’ tournament. This allows for every Eastbound and Down / Friday Night Lights / Dodgeball cliché to be lined up and smacked out, as he relentlessly parodies the testosterone-pumped laddishness of the genre.

Coach’s middle-age addiction to gum and general failure at adulthood also brings to mind the heroin-dependent heroine of Strangers with Candy. His long-suffering wife and angry teenage daughter (she has tattoos of piercings all over her body) both take good parts in the sprawling ensemble cast, which also includes a cameo from Richard Gadd, who has to sprint off to make his own show every night.

It’s certainly not an hour to attempt with a hangover, or a craving for intelligent, sedate laughs. This is over-excited, energy-drink fuelled adolescent humour or, as Riches says, ‘the ultimate test of a paying crowd’s patience’. Either go with it, or don’t go. Those are basically the options.

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until 30 Aug, 9.45pm, £10–£14 (£8–£12).

Adam Riches is Coach Coach

Comedy theatre from Riches, who plays Coach Coach, a (surprise!) coach of a high school basketball team who is kinda letting the job take over his life.