Vagabond (3 stars)

This article is from 2015


Colourful classic clowns in need of a bit of energy in their slapstick

Some things are best left to tradition. It seems company Triciclo Rojo from Mexico stood by this maxim when creating Vagabond. Their clowns are classic: red-nosed, white-faced, pink-cheeked, all stripy tights and mismatching colours, getting themselves into scrapes when tasked with the simplest of things.

The three Vagabonds of the title squabble and fight to protect a precious luminous dandelion head found in a sack at the bottom of a dustbin. Through storms and sea voyages they travel, sometimes cooperating with each other, sometimes at loggerheads.

There are some magical moments and sweet jokes, such as fighting a duel with a ladle. But a clown show is probably the only kind of movement piece where the choreography can feel too precise, and here the slapstick feels so cautious that there is never really a sense of calamity. Not that we would want to see someone actually hurt themselves, but when clowns collide you do want a bit of crash-bang-wobble.

Still, the palette of colours, the background graphics, the simple set and the costumes are so lovely that this could be a good, engaging show for introducing very wee ones to the theatre.

New Town Theatre, 220 0143, until 30 Aug (not 18), 11am, £12 (£9).


  • 3 stars

Triciclo Rojo Vagabond. Where will the wind take you? This is the story of three vagabonds in search of happiness and how a dandelion transforms the meaning of their lives. Cazzo, Lazzo and Pozzo spend their days fixing the old lighthouse, believing that only then will the pier be a home to them. Before the goal is…