Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Just for Graphs (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Just for Graphs

Idil Sukan

More graphs than laughs in a perfectly entertaining nerd-fest

The classic Venn diagram takes a starring role in this show, and it seems all-too obvious to say that its own version would be where science meets entertainment in what’s billed as ‘comedy for the insatiably sci-curious’. Following last year’s Full Frontal Nerdity, ‘stand-up mathematician’ Matt Parker, ‘experiments maestro’ Steve Mould and ‘geek songstress’ Helen Arney all bring complementary skills to the table in a world where anything and everything can be analysed for entertainment.

As Mould says, real-life scenarios provide data-collection opportunities, not least the in-depth analysis of the contractions leading to the birth of his daughter. Elsewhere there’s booming song from Arney, Parker’s ability to perform magician-like skills with tables of numbers, and some hands-on audience interaction.

Mould has shown off his science skills on Blue Peter, and the stage show feels like a more interactive, academic version of that TV programme, a compliment as far as I’m concerned. It all adds up (ahem) to an admirable celebration of nerdiness, with extra fire and swearing added in for good measure. Yet it doesn’t quite live up to its promise of being a ‘graph-a-minute’ and feels less like a comedy show than an hour-long education that’s also entertaining.

Assembly George Square Studios, 623 3030, until 30 Aug (not 17), 6.30pm, £10–£12 (£8.50–£10.50).

Festival of the Spoken Nerd: Just for Graphs

  • 3 stars

Phil McIntyre Entertainments The science comedy phenomenon returns, and this time they're off the chart! Join stand-up mathematician Matt Parker, experiments maestro Steve Mould and geek songstress Helen Arney for graph-a-minute fun on an unprecedented linear scale. 2014's smash-hit Full Frontal Nerdity was 'great, funny…