Platform: 2015 (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Platform: 2015

Jessica Ramm: Erratic Boulder / Credit: Edinburgh Art Festival

Work by recent graduates takes centre stage during Edinburgh Art Festival

In the great aglomeration of shows and events which make up Edinburgh Art Festival, it’s encouraging to see a new initiative to place the work of emerging artists right in the festival hub. Selected from an open submission by a panel which includes Christine Borland and Craig Coulthard, these are four distinctive bodies of work by recent graduates.

Ben Callaghan gives us a chessboard without pieces, dice with no markings, a film of a perpetually spinning top: a space to play with ideas, to find your own metaphors. Chilean Antonia Banados, makes a cabinet of curiosities in which mundane objects are cast in glass, as well as being drawn and painted, the ordinary made unfamiliar.

Ross Hamilton Frew creates delicate abstracts by making patterns of fine lines on handmade recycled paper. Here, he places them next to recycled words, which he shapes into haiku with the same meticulousness. Jessica Ramm’s spherical sculpture of metal bars with climbers hand-holds is not only a strong sculptural form, it can also be climbed on, as her film demonstrates.

It would be artificial to try to link the four works thematically, but Emily Gray’s thoughtful curation and design brings their contrasting creations into a kind of harmony.

9–11 Blair Street, until 30 Aug, free.

Platform: 2015

  • 4 stars

Four artists from across Scotland have been selected from an open call by Christine Borland and Craig Coulthard for this new festival initiative dedicated to providing greater opportunities for artists at the beginning of their careers.