Sam Brady: Kindness (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

Sam Brady: Kindness

Refreshingly positive message let down by disappointingly few gags

Anyone order an hour of comedy as catharsis with extra Buddhism? If so, then Sam Brady may fit the bill as he looks at his many personal battles through divorce, fatherhood and beyond in pursuit of the good life, whatever that entails.

His quest to promote kindness and self-awareness in a very unkind world is one many of us can identify with, although not all of us can say we’ve taken up three years of Buddhism to achieve it.

Brady has not had his troubles to seek, as they say, and there are moments when we get a genuinely moving and poignant insight into the pressures of modern fatherhood, male identity and the tyranny of choice we face even when ordering a coffee. His message, that an act of kindness is never wasted and can really be life-transforming, is also a refreshing one, especially in a comedy show.

But it seems to have come at the expense of the comedy itself, with gags disappointingly thin on the ground. A couple of punchlines, in particular, strike a jarringly offensive tone that undermines the intended message of compassion.

Assembly Rooms, 0844 693 3008, until 16 Aug, 5.15pm, £10 (£9).

Sam Brady: Kindness

  • 2 stars

Lakin McCarthy Entertainment Ltd. Award-winning comedian and failed Buddhist monk Sam Brady explores his ongoing struggle to be a good person, and asks why kindness is so undervalued and so hard to practice. Heart-warming, thought-provoking comedy. ‘Sam Brady’s life has taken many twists and turns … but somehow he manages…