David Callaghan: No Momentum (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

David Callaghan: No Momentum

A morning show about ambition, funny dancing and ricicles

Young stand-up David Callaghan can leave this year’s Fringe behind, telling everyone that he sold out his venue. Which is true, but given that his room was slightly bigger than a kids TV broom cupboard, it’s not a huge claim. With a bit of luck and sharper editing (the finale goes on a bit), he should go places with his affable wit and occasionally borderline gags.

Acting as both his own doorman and warm-up act, Callaghan chats amiably with everyone who enters this room, continually having to turn away some latecomers (including two influential members from the comedy industry: ‘they could have helped my career!’ he bemoans). And so, with his crowd feeling like extras in the Marx Brothers’ stateroom scene, he ploughs on through No Momentum.

His show revolves around ambition (something of a developing Fringe 2015 theme) featuring a memory of Van Morrison doing a ‘kicky dance’, the way cereal-box graphics have changed and his dayjob-threatening obsession with online farming games. Meanwhile, he considers that the world might well be split between two sorts of people: those who can and can’t start a conga line. His not-so successful ending is a ‘health and safety nightmare’ in which he takes on the character of an RAF chap, walking his way through the crowd, for little discernible reason or effect. David Callaghan might have no momentum but he does have some great lines and a winning manner.

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters, 622 6801, until 30 Aug (not 24), 11.15am, free.

David Callaghan: No Momentum

  • 3 stars

David Callaghan / Laughing Horse Free Festival The first solo show from David Callaghan (BBC New Comedy Awards 2012 and 2013). As heard on BBC Radio's Jesting About. 'An impressive performance… delivering self-deprecating routines with a captivating, Kitson-esque lilt' (GiggleBeats.co.uk). 'Callaghan does an excellent…