The Sunny Side Show (2 stars)

This article is from 2015

The Sunny Side Show

Character-led comedy full of quick-witted silliness that sadly doesn't fill out an hour

In The Sunny Side Show, Liverpool comic Keith Carter is Peter, an amusing sort of nice-but-dim posho parody. It’s likeable enough stuff, but uneven, and Peter isn’t strong enough to carry a whole hour of comedy.

Having fallen on hard times, Peter has ended up at the Sunny Side Hostel, and for part of the show he talks about the various colourful characters he’s met there, giving the distinct impression it might have been more fun to meet them than just hear about them.

With a mid-afternoon slot in a tucked-away venue, the show suffers from a lack of audience on the day we see it, which can’t help but affect the atmosphere. Carter’s quick-witted silliness and easy interaction with the few who are there suggests it could be a lot more successful with more bodies in the room.

But the narrative of Peter’s adventures meanders around with no particular driving force, and if there’s irony in the copious rolling-out of stereotypes about The North, it got lost on the day. Liam Gallagher impressions and jokes about Scousers (and Glaswegians) being knife-wielding thugs? There’s a strong sense that Carter can do much, much better.

Just the Tonic at the Mash House, 226 0000, until 30 Aug (not 18), 3pm, £5–£6 (£3.50–£4.50; family ticket £14–£18).

The Sunny Side Show

  • 2 stars

Keith Carter Award-winning comic Keith Carter presents a stand-up situation comedy musical game show satire about how good manners and boundless optimism will triumph over life's hardships. ★★★★ (Guardian). ★★★★ (Stage). ★★★★ (Edinburgh Evening News). 'A character comedian of rare skill' (Guardian). 'Give this man a…