Book Festival preview: Jura Unbound – Head North, My Friend

This article is from 2015

Book Festival preview: Jura Unbound – Head North, My Friend

Rachel McCrum / credit: Chris Scott

Words and music from the 'High North'

In explaining this showcase of the works of Arctic communities – from the ‘High North’, as he puts it – organiser and host Ryan Van Winkle elaborates upon why this particular period in time is so important for the region. ‘Right now, the ice caps are melting at a shocking rate and international companies are keen to exploit the wealth of resources which are accessible for the first time ever,’ he says. ‘So in the news you're seeing ships heading north and that's going to bring a lot of attention and tension to the region. We feel it best to invite artists over to give them the space to speak in their own words and we hope you'll join us. It’s an important time in the history of the Arctic and these voices are more vital than ever.’

There will be words, music and stories from Sami poet and musician Niillas Holmberg, Icelandic crime writer Ragnar Jonasson and the Inuit poet and live artist Jessie Kleemann, while Shetlandic poets Christine De Luca and Rachel McCrum will read newly commissioned translations and DJ Aikio will play contemporary music from the area. ‘We're especially excited to have Niillas Holmberg and Jessie Kleemann with us,’ says Van Winkle. ‘They're both respected Arctic poets who challenge the stereotypes of what we think an Arctic artist is supposed to sound like. Their work’s rooted in their place, sure, but it’s modern, honest and it has a real bite to it. It’s stunning stuff.’

Spiegeltent, Charlotte Square Gardens, 0845 373 5888, 19 Aug, 9pm, free.

Jura Unbound

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