Jo Coffey: Curiously Caffeinated (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Jo Coffey: Curiously Caffeinated

Off-the-wall characters, puns and a dog in a wig punctuate Fringe debut

Deciding not to do the whole show as herself, instead the four-foot-something Jo Coffey brings on a range of other 'small special guests'. Punctuating the stand-up with a range of off-the-wall characters, who all look suspiciously like Coffey, proves a good way of breaking up the material in a debut Fringe show. The overall effect, though, is a little patchy as some characters and gags, such as the astrologer who is fixated on the star sign Virgo and Coffey's routine about writing a TripAdvisor review, don't quite hit the mark. But elsewhere there are sections that make up for that – a daft pun-themed skit featuring a balaclava-sporting terrorist with a grudge against all Terrys, and Coffey's obligatory exploration of her unusual surname which questions the wisdom behind her parents calling her Joanna Coffey (say it quick in and the form of a question).

But the stand out section has to be a running gag featuring a European tribute to Amy Winehouse and a dog in a wig. It is utterly barking (pardon the pun). At one point, it looked like the man in front was about to rupture something he was laughing so hard.

Ciao Roma, 557 3777, until 31 Aug (not 18), 1pm, free.

Jo Coffey: Curiously Caffeinated

  • 3 stars

Jo Coffey / PBH's Free Fringe All the short jokes got told and this is what happens next. Stand-up and general malarkey from the circuit's fourth smallest comic. Age category: 16+