Kyle Kinane: Ghost Pizza Party (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Kyle Kinane: Ghost Pizza Party

A tough and occasionally stomach-churning show eventually reaps full rewards

There may be a story connected to his Fringe debut show title but acclaimed US comic Kyle Kinane opted not to reveal anything about it on this particular night. Perhaps he should replace it with Spiders vs Crabs or One Netflix Documentary Away from Vegetarianism as they adequately cover two of the most memorable and successful segments in an enjoyably conflicted hour.

You know when there’s something special about a comedian when they have a crowd laughing along to their airing of opinions or high-fiving of scenarios that are so obviously wrong. The bulk of Kinane’s early section concerns an ironic intention to get his dirty secrets laid out for the public at this point of his career so that there’s nothing to be dug up when he becomes hugely famous. Acknowledging that he‘s just another bearded white comedian, he hints that he might have to do something pretty drastic to further his status; in that, he has one thing in common with another set of uniformly hairy, Caucasian men: murderous, delusional cult leaders who think they’re Jesus.

So, what has Kinane done so far that he wouldn’t want some social media investigator to discover? Without giving too much away, they involve sex, dogs and gritter salt. Happily, these were all separate incidents, but each is funny enough to remove attention away from the thundering noise bleeding in from a busy bar through the wall (someone at Underbelly needs to plug whatever hole has emerged in a venue that hasn’t experienced such pollution problems before).

As he scrambles towards his not-for-everyone seafish / creepy crawly-based finale, Kinane takes a pop at the people who insist they suffer depression (one of the contentious segments right there, folks), while becoming the poster boy for processed foods (ditto). After all this grime, he delivers a humble message at the luck he feels in doing stand-up for a living. Turns out his audiences are the real winners in that game.

Underbelly Cowgate, 0844 545 8252, until 30 Aug (not 18), 10.10pm, £10–£12 (£9–£11).

Kyle Kinane: Ghost Pizza Party

  • 4 stars

Soho Theatre & United Talent Agency This show is about ghosts having a pizza party. Or maybe it isn't. Maybe, at one point, one of Kyle's stories does in fact centre around the idea of the undead enjoying a slice. But the rest of the show is still just that guy there in the picture telling you stories. One of…