Girl from Nowhere (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Girl from Nowhere

Powerful one woman drama about a disgraced rock star

A powerful new drama delivered with vigour and energy, Girl from Nowhere hits the ground running and packs a hell of a punch along the way. Disgraced rock singer Jeannie tells her story alone in a room in her parents’ house. Having escaped from her oppressive family in small-town Texas to follow her dream of being a singer, she finds success as a musician. But a life-changing event finds her returning, disgraced, to her home town.

Juxtaposing the stifling atmosphere of small-town America that Jeannie was desperate to escape with the exuberant freedom of life on the road, this is an hour-long emotional rollercoaster packed with passion, ambition and shattering revelations.

Jeannie's story is complex and emotive, but the occasional interludes of music and song are so tightly woven into the drama that it feels more like the rock biopic of a music heroine than a Fringe drama. Powerful and poignant, this will appeal to music fans and drama lovers alike. Expects some twists and listen out, because this girl has a hell of a voice.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 31 Aug, 12.45pm, £9.50–£11 (£8.50–£10).

Girl from Nowhere

  • 3 stars

'If you hear this from anyone else, they'll tell it wrong.' America, 1969. Vietnam. Apollo 11. Woodstock. The country may be bursting with the vibes of peace and love and rock 'n' roll, but Jeannie Hogan is dragged back home to Coyote Creek, Texas, disgraced after a failed rock tour. Subjected once again to the blinkered…