Tom Parry: Yellow T-Shirt (4 stars)

This article is from 2015

Tom Parry: Yellow T-Shirt

Curated chaos from the Pappy’s man in a show about fancy dress

Tom Parry, one third of acclaimed sketch group Pappy’s, presents his debut solo show in which he promises that he can prove the importance of fancy dress. Over the course of 60 minutes he does many things, ranging from the odd to the bewildering, but his fulfilment of this vow is the strangest.

From the way he introduces the show to the regular injection of jokes and things to think on, the joy is in watching it unfold with no idea where it’s going next. As such, it’s difficult to describe the list of gags and skits without dispelling the magic. Appearing to be a shambolic fizz-bomb of barely corralled japery, the unbridled enthusiasm Parry presents belies a carefully constructed show with no hint of laziness. No lengths are too far to go in search of a laugh and no punchline is obvious from the set-up.

Parry presides over a curated chaos, staging the appearance of anarchy through diligently applying the rules of comedy. In essence, it’s a sweaty man shouting at a room full of people to much merriment. To look for the wizard behind the curtain would be to miss the point.

Just the Tonic at The Tron, 0330 220 1212, until 30 Aug (not 18), 6.20pm, £5 (or Pay What You Want).

Tom Parry: Yellow T-shirt

  • 4 stars

Tom Parry Parry wears yellow T-shirts and can prove that fancy dress makes you live longer. The funniest* third of award-winning Pappy's (citation needed) presents his debut laugh-riot * (*citation needed). Star*** of Badults, Miranda, Phone Shop (***correct). ‘Parry is Lord of Misrule’ (Guardian*). ‘I take my hat off to…