Fringe preview: One Day When We Were Young

This article is from 2015

Fringe preview: One Day When We Were Young

Nick Payne tells a very British tale of passion

Nick Payne, winner of the George Devine award in 2009, has crafted a delicate love story that spans over half a century. With the stars of The Following, Sam Underwood and Valerie Curry, taking the roles of the time-spanning lovers, One Day When We Were Young is a melancholic tale of lost opportunities and a very British passion.

'This play is the sort of character study that really feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity for an actor,' says Curry, a sentiment shared by Underwood. 'What I love about Nicks writing [is] I feel that he deals with the bigger over arching questions of life, love and fate,' he adds.

'The real story between these two people takes place between the scenes,' Curry continues. 'What the audience sees are the critical moments of their meeting and who they’ve become in the interim and what their reactions are to what’s occurred off-stage.' This lends the play a rare depth, and reflects the subconscious desires that have shaped the characters, making this an examination of long term love rather than a series of melodramatic episodes.

'It’s such a beautiful, moving examination of how age changes us, how we build up armour and how it’s stripped away by the relentlessness of time,' Curry concludes. 'As a producer,' says Underwood, 'sharing Violet and Leonard's story at the Edinburgh Fringe, amongst the thousands of artists working hard to tell their stories, feels apropos – because everyone has a story worth telling.'

Assembly George Square, 623 3030, until 31 Aug (not 17, 24), 1 .45pm, £10 (£8).

One Day When We Were Young by Nick Payne

  • 3 stars

Fundamental Theater Project The story of two people as their paths cross throughout the years, changing both their lives irrevocably. In a heartbreaking journey of would-be romance, this time-shifting two-hander tracks their meetings in three parts, from the hope of youth at the height of WWII, to the loneliness and…