Tobias Persson and the Drivel Rights Movement (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Tobias Persson and the Drivel Rights Movement

Strong punchlines in a show about our increasingly trivial civilisation

‘It’s very hard to change the world on your own,’ muses Sweden’s Tobias Persson as he tackles society’s growing fight for ‘drivel rights’. This obsession with everyday trivialities over the bigger picture ‘reduces human struggle to soundbites and world events to hashtags’. Man, these Scandinavians really do speak better English than we do.

With an amiable demeanour, Persson delivers strong punchlines and impressive off-the-cuff punning (outside his native language: cap doffed) to satirise our dissatisfaction with the more-than-satisfactory and our so-called right to be offended at everything and everyone.

He jokes that as he wouldn’t be much of an opponent in a physical fight, his weapon instead is words. But the mic can be mightier than the sword, and comes, as his billing says, ‘in an era where The Daily Show and The Onion are bringing a truer picture of reality than the “real” news’. One audience member leaves after ten minutes, complaining of being ‘a bit bored’, but it’s a foolish decision. Apparently there’s a Swedish expression meaning ‘a hearty laugh lengthens your life’ and while not every joke lands, hanging out in the company of this comedian seems like a sensible move.

The Stand 6, 558 7272, until 30 Aug (not 17), 12.20pm, £10 (£8).

Tobias Persson and the Drivel Rights Movement

  • 3 stars

Tobias Persson From 'Free Mandela!' to free WiFi! From rights for women to everyone has the right to a cool kitchen! The joy of reducing human struggle to soundbites, and world events to hashtags. We’re all part of the drivel rights movement, so let's unite, take to the streets and find the nearest internet cafe. Tobias…