Shit Girlfriend (3 stars)

This article is from 2015

Shit Girlfriend

Music and storytelling exploring the concept of being ‘undateable'

Performing and touring under the moniker She Makes War for a number of years, Laura Kidd is, first and foremost, a musician, and a very good one at that. Her Fringe debut Shit Girlfriend, however, is completely different to anything she’s done before. After a series of bad break ups, Kidd set herself the task of working out why she seems so ‘undateable’, the result of which is a charming hour of biographical storytelling and music.

Like all first-time Fringe performers, the nerves are evident here, but only when Kidd is speaking. When it comes to her music, she’s a natural, creating enchanting and often haunting ‘gloom-pop’ songs armed with nothing more than a ukulele, a loop machine and her voice. No technical glitches, no hideous feedback, just perfectly executed acoustic gems, created from scratch, with layers of hypnotic vocal harmonies.

After fumbling through a brief background of how the show came to be, her opening song establishes her obvious talent unto the audience. Listing reasons against dating musicians, from their unglamorous lifestyle choice and egotistical nature, to their obsession with music and lack of motivation to do housework, Kidd soars through the main narrative at a rather speedy pace, using her songs as reference points. There is plenty of room for her to take things at her own leisure and, after the initial nerves have faded, this is something she’s sure to discover over the course of her residency.

She may not be a comedian but, make no mistake, Kidd is funny. Although it’s sometimes apparent she’s keeping herself right by sticking to a rough script, her natural, conversational humour shines through as she ad-libs her amusing anecdotes. As she further exercises her newfound comedy muscles, she’s sure to become as confident a storyteller as she is a musician.

Fingers Piano Bar, 225 3026, 7–21 Aug (not Mon), 4pm, free.

Shit Girlfriend

  • 3 stars

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